Upon opening the door to the chapel in Punta – Paros, your journey to Anti-Paros has already begun! The five to ten minute journey starts out once the church’s doors are swung open and seen by the ferrymen on Anti-Paros which as customs have it, is a sign that their services are asked for.

This is the traditional and most romantic means of reaching the island well known for it’s cave, although you will also find boats that will take you there from the port of Paros, crossing the channel which is only 4.2 meters deep and reaching Anti-Paros, an island with 800 inhabitants occupying the only village found on the island which bears the same name, and is also known as Kastro.

Once you reach there you can visit the numerous sites, which make up the island and its rich history, such as the castle, picturesque sandy beaches, the famous cave and much more while enjoying the hospitality of its people.

Leaving behind the port with it’s multitude of colorful fishing and sightseeing boats, you can take the road winding among the white-washed homes to the church of Agios Nicolas (St. Nicholas), the island’s cathedral. Once there you will find a crossroad taking you to the castle and Sifneikos Yalos beach.